About Us

Start your journey of "Optimizing Health" with us!

What does health mean to you? Where does being healthy begin for you?

There are a lot of opinions out there and the information overload these days seems to only make us more anxious.
Guess what, ANXIETY and STRESS -  now these are not good for our health!

So what do to do? Firstly, inhale a long deep breath and exhale!

Now let us put you at ease as we simplify for you to understand how one can attain optimal health with this simple analogy: 

If you have a brand-new car or motorbike, no matter which kind, there are steps to getting it started!

Step 1: Add Fuel to the car

Step 2: Get the keys and set off!

Step 3: Reach your destination

The same goes for our health!

Food is our fuel, and it should be the primary focus, the first step towards having optimized health! What we consume, may it be in the form of food or drinks, or things we apply in our body greatly affects the optimal functioning of our health. Once you get the right nutrition in your system, your cognitive abilities automatically incline toward choosing the best for you and your health. This is not our claim, it is proven by science.

However, there is an issue here! Our food is processed in a manner where the nutrition is no longer intact in them, so the fuel is not of the highest grade!

What happens when you add low-quality fuel to your brand-new car/motorbike?

Similarly, our health functioning deteriorates over time as the food we consume is not of high quality!

High Quality = Nutritional Dense Foods


What is JUAS?


We promise to source the ingredients to make our products from regions where the soil quality has not deteriorated, the microbial diversity of the soil enriches the soil, the plants, and animal that grows and lives in this soil!  Because the initial source of nutrition is present in the SOIL.

We promise to process the ingredients to make our products full of nutrition and with its integrity in the form which is accepted, absorbed, and utilized by our bodies because the cellular functions of our bodies are limited and we need to understand this.

We promise to serve you our products in the form of packaging, with your health in the mind, because the packaging can be one of the sources of contamination in our food that deteriorates our health.