• Almond Butter
Almond Butter

Almond BUTTER which is blended to perfection and provide health benefitting nutrition along with taste that excites your tastebud! No hydrogenated oils, no artificial ingredients, no presarvatives, no flavour enhancers added!

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FRESHLY BLENDED here in Kathmandu - JUAS ALMOND BUTTER is made by dry roasting almonds and blending them with almond oil into a creamy texture. 

PACKED IN A GLASS JAR - Our premium quality ALMOND BUTTER is stored in glass jars with a net weight of 395g. This means you get all the goodness and we use less plastic. GLASS for the packaging ensures you receive all the nutrients present and no endocrine-disrupting chemicals from plastics.

UNNECESSARY INGREDIENTS EXCLUDED FROM ADDITION  - JUAS ALMOND BUTTER has no hydrogenated oils, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no artificial flavor enhancers added! It is simply roasted almonds blended with additional almond oil for a more creamy texture. Raw honey and pink salt are added as natural preservatives and natural taste enhancers. Raw honey is about 1% of the total weight of butter and pink salt is about 0.3% of the total weight of butter. 

FITNESS GEEK's CHOICE - ALMOND BUTTER with raw honey less than 1.5% of total weight will not spike the insulin and is considered super low carb. Compared to commercial peanut butter this may be your perfect choice with no harmful ingredients.


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