• Raw Chiuri Honey
  • Raw Chiuri Honey
Raw Chiuri Honey

100% pure honey, raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized, sourced from beekeepers of West and Farwest Nepal where Chiuri trees are abundant and thriving. Raw honey is gently strained out by the farmers seperating the comb and bee part, leaving the natural pollen and enzymes for you to enjoy in JUAS Raw Chiuri Honey. All Raw Honey will crystalize over time but can be gently warmed or kept in sunlight to reliquify.

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FRESHLY PACKED here in Kathmandu - JUAS RAW CHIURI HONEY is sourced from the beekeepers of the West to the Far-West region of Nepal where Chiuri Trees are abundant, who strain out the comb and bee part, leaving the natural pollen and enzymes rich honey for you to savor! 

PACKED IN A GLASS JAR - JUAS RAW CHIURI HONEY is stored in a glass jar with a net weight of 500g and 1.35 kg honey. This means you get all the goodness and we use less plastic. GLASS for the packaging ensures you recieve all the nutrients present and no endocrine disruptors at all. 

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS TO HELP YOU BEE HEALTHY - This unpasteurized, unfiltered, raw honey provides naturally-occurring beneficial properties and valuable phytonutrients to ensure maximum health benefits

SUPERFOOD WITH SWEETNESS - It is a natural sweetener and a processed sugar substitute, drizzle it on breakfast cereals, over your sprouted grain toast, on smoothies, on yogurt, and for salad dressings.


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